Timing: Two 20-minute halves, running clock, with a 2-minute half time and 3 minutes between games.

Live Love Lax Fall is a showcase event–there are no playoffs! Each team will have three games and play in flighted pools based on competition level chosen by coach/club director.

All teams should be warmed up and ready to take the field for the next game.

There will be one central horn used for all timing. ONE horn to signify the beginning of the game, ONE horn to signify the beginning and end of halftime and ONE horn to signify the end of the game.

Rules: Live Love Lax Fall will follow all US Lacrosse & NFHS Rules with the following tournament specific modifications:

** There are NO timeouts – during an injury timeout, the clock will run **

8-meter shots will be played out if the horn sounds for the end of the game or half. If the 8-meter is already in play when the game horn sounds, then the game is done at the time of the horn.

If a shot is in flight and was released from a stick prior to the horn and goes in the goal – goal is good (same ruling as USL).

Alternate possession – The team listed first on the schedule receives the first alternate possession

1 Yellow card – the player must sit for 2 minutes, running clock, the official will keep time.
2 Yellow cards – the player must sit the remainder of the game. And may return to the next game.
RED card (Player) – The player must sit the remainder of the game and the NEXT game.
RED card (Coach) – the coach must leave the game and remain away from the game until the completion of the game.

NEW for 2019, we will implement the US Lacrosse guidelines below for ALL Divisions:

  1. Free Movement– following any whistle for a foul all players may continue to move freely on the field.
  2. Self-start– For all fouls outside the CSA (12m fan and below the goal line extended), players may self-start. Offending players will still move 4m behind (major foul) or 4m away (minor foul), all other players must move 4 m away from the ball carrier.  As soon as the ball carrier self-starts, all players may engage in playing the ball carrier.

If players encroach on a ball carrier before she self-starts or fail to move 4 meters away from the free position, a warning will be given.  If this action is repeated by the same team Delay of Game penalty will be assessed.

On all 8m free positions, defenders are entitled to the adjacent hash marks, all other players must exit the penalty zone, and may continue to move.

Any foul occurring between the 8m and 12m administered on the 12m fan nearest the foul.

  1. Boundaries: Officials will continue to determine which player is awarded a boundary. That player must restart play.  Players may run the ball into the field and continue play without a hesitation.

Any player self-starting when a self-start is not allowed will be called for a false start.

Class of 2026 & 2027/8:

  • 12v12 full field
  • Modified Checking
  • 3-second rule for good defensive positioning
  • 3-pass rule will NOT be used
  • 4-goal will NOT be used

Class of 2024 & 2025:

  • Full checking
  • 4-goal rule will NOT be used

 Score keeping: There will be a flip chart and score sheet on all fields.  Officials will record the scores and coaches will sign off on them.  Coaches are responsible for the flip chart.  All official scores will be kept at tournament headquarters.