All participants must complete the DE Turf COVID-19 waiver:

Everyone attending the event must also complete the DE Turf:
Facility Agreement/Self-Health Assessment Form.

In-game Covid policies:

  1. Referees must wear a mask and use an electronic whistle (or they can whistle underneath their mask)
  2. Coaches must wear a mask during gameplay
  3. Players do not have to wear a mask during gameplay

All other covid related protocols can be found on

Return to Play Recommendations for Top of the Bay Events
Face coverings and Social Distancing

♦ As per Health Department, All sport participants (players/Guardians/officials) Must use a face covering, With the exception of when actively in game playing and on field or warming up. We will required that all Top of the Bay staff members wear face coverings.

♦ Limiting the interaction of team to team will be contemplated through scheduling, length of time in between games, removing the customary team cheer and hand shake after each game and removing all communal equipment. Teams will be scheduled on no more than 1 to 3 fields, team benches will be removed, main tables will not be placed, scores will be not be kept manually by a table top flip chart, communal water will not be provided and teams may not enter the bench area until the team before has completely vacated the bench area.  No team huddles and team cheers will be permitted nor will the ensuing team to team high five. Teams will play with limited games off, in an effort to minimize the time a team spends at the facility.

♦ In an effort to minimize the number of people on site at one time, we REQUIRE that only one (1) parent or guardian per athlete attend and the event will not be open to the general public.

♦ Bench/player sideline set up: the communal player bench will be removed and we recommend that players place bags and equipment at least 6 feet apart from each other.

♦ Ensure social distancing during non-playing time: once the game is over, we recommend that all athletes, coaches and officials wear face coverings, no group huddles and no team tents will be erected. We recommend that all athletes, coaches and officials maintain 6 feet of distance at all times possible.  We recommend that teams to do not high five, hug, nor celebrate in close proximity to each other.

♦ On sidelines, we recommended that all attendees maintain 6 feet of distance
between non family members and wear face coverings at all times. We recommend that only one guardian per athlete come to the given event, to limit the number of people on site.


♦ According to the CDC, because it is also possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it, and then touching their own mouth, nose, or eyes we will removed all communal equipment. No communal water jugs, benches, flip charts.

♦We recommend that all athletes, coaches and officials sanitize hands with hand sanitizer before each game and after each game.

♦During times when players are not actively participating in competition, attention should be given to maintaining social distancing by increasing space between players on the sideline. We  recommend that players only use their own equipment to be place on sideline and spaced apart from other players and only drink from their own water bottles.

♦Open lid trash can will be spread around facility, so no need to touch when discarding trash.

♦Lacrosse Balls: Balls will be in bucket marked ‘playable’, a player is to scoop ball out with stick, if ball is touch by hands, it must be dropped in bucket marked ‘not playable’ and scoop new ball from ‘playable’ bucket.

To Start Game:
A coin toss to determine the first possession – coaches and officials handle the coin toss, maintaining 6 feet apart.

Teams will start in a standard set up:
4 defenders behind the line, 3 midfielders between the restraining lines and 4 attackers behind the line. Teams may go to a 5, 3, 3 – but no greater change.

After a Goal
The GK will pick the ball up using her stick and roll the ball back to the center circle. A midfielder will pick up the ball, using her stick, and stand on the center line where the draw would normally take place. Both teams will fully reset to the 4-3-4 or the 5-3-3 – and once the ball is set and the teams are set, the official will blow the restart whistle.

The free position at center to start the game, the half, and after each goal will be an indirect free position.

Promoting Behaviors that Reduce Spread
♦Staying Home when Appropriate: We encourage our athletes, coaches, families and vendors to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms listed on the CDC website, have tested positive for covid-19 in less then 14 days of given event or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for covid-19 in less then 14 days of given event.

♦Cloth Face Covering: We recommend the use of face masks for staff, athletes, officials, coaches and parents when not on playing field and any time social distancing can not be maintained.

♦We recommend that parents & coaches of younger athletes help them maintain social distancing when feasible.

♦Safety signage will be posted around in visible areas of the facility for all to see.


♦All games will be played outside, athletes & officials will not need to wear mask while playing.

Water Systems

♦No Communal water jugs will be in use, no water fountains will be in use, we recommend to not share water bottles and that all athletes, staff, coaches, legal guardians and officials to bring their own water.

Physical Barriers and Guides

♦Signage to maintain social distancing when possible will be placed around facility
♦No tailgating in the parking lots
♦No communal team tents, individual/ family shade tents only, spaced at least 6’ apart from other family tents
♦Please arrive no more that 60 minutes prior to first your first scheduled game.
♦Please leave immediately after the last game, do not linger at the venue.
♦ Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility.

Maintaining Healthy Operations

♦ Teams will be scheduled on no more than 1 to 3 fields. One team may not enter the team bench area until the team before them has completely vacated the bench area.
♦Athletes, coaches, officials, staff and  legal guardians must stay aware of state or local policies related to group gatherings.
♦A Medical professional will be designated as a Covid-19 point of contact.  If a player begins to feel ill on site, the Medical professional will handle the care of the ill child.  The ATCs keep their focus on on-field injuries, unless their help is needed by the Medical professional.

Preparing for When Someone Gets Sick

♦Advise Sick Individuals of Home Isolation Criteria: Any persons that are sick or have been exposed to someone sick and have not been quarantined for fourteen days, needs to stay home and may not enter the facility or field of play, until they have met CDC’s criteria to discontinue home isolation.

♦The Medical professional will follow a procedure for safely transporting anyone who is sick to their caregiver or healthcare facility. If you are calling an ambulance or bringing someone to the hospital, try to call first to alert them that the person may have COVID-19. Immediately separate coaches, staff, officials, and players with COVID-19 symptoms (i.e., fever, cough, shortness of breath) at the event. Individuals who are sick should go home or to a healthcare facility, depending on how severe their symptoms are, and follow CDC guidance for caring for oneself and others who are sick. Individuals who have had close contact with a person who has symptoms should be separated and sent home as well, and follow CDC guidance for community- related exposure (see Notify Health Officials and Close Contacts” below).