Change in date note from Halpern Travel:

If your team has booked hotel rooms through Halpern Travel, the reservations will automatically be cancelled without any charges. Each guest will receive an email confirming that their reservation has been cancelled.  Halpern Travel is in the process of securing rooms for the new tournament dates.  Teams will be notified via email once they are ready to begin accepting hotel reservations.


Live Love Lax is pleased to announce the appointment of Halpern Travel as our Official Tournament Housing Coordinator. All out-of-area teams are required to reserve a MINIMUM of (8) eight rooms through Halpern Travel to be eligible to participate in the tournament.


Facilities / Venues:
2021’s & 2022’s: Cedar Lane – (1100 Cedar Lane, Bel Air, MD 21015)

2023’s & 2024’s: Carsins Run – (500 Carsins Run Rd – Aberdeen, MD 21001)

2025’s, 2026’s, 2027’s,2028/29’s: Calvert Regional – (304 Brick Meetinghouse Rd, North East, MD 21901)

Teams that are based within a 100 mile radius of Cedar Lane Regional Park and are planning to commute are exempt from complying with the tournament housing policy.  Addresses used for the determination of the distance will be the address of Cedar Lane Regional Park and the Club’s physical address. Google Maps TM or other approved online mapping services will be used to determine driving distance.

Halpern Travel comes to us highly recommended for their commitment to providing professional service and for their attention to detail.  Halpern Travel’s secure, online hotel reservation system allows teams to view information about hotels, including rate, location, amenities and availability.  Teams are able to choose from an extensive selection of quality hotels with reasonable rates.  Teams are able to reserve their rooms 24/7.

Clubs requiring a large block of rooms for multiple teams should contact Halpern Travel for special assistance at 888.640.6400.

We look forward to partnering with Halpern Travel to successfully meet the housing needs of teams attending Live Love Lax.

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